Start the Day off Right – Prayer!

     Mother’s Rule of Life author, Holly Pierlot suggestions that our first priority (first P) is prayer and God seems to bless me when I give Him this time. I kind of think it’s like offering God my first fruits of the day. You can order the book through my Amazon link, A Mother’s Rule of Life.

Our day now starts with the daily Bible readings from the USCCB. Then we proceed on to our daily prayers – I have a first grader who is working on the prayers needed for First Holy Communion. Older children are working on memorizing the “Anima Christi” and of course we recite the “Act of Contrition” and “Morning Offering”.

When I offer God the first part of my day, it seems as though He blesses me with the ability to get all the rest of our work accomplished. But on the days when I am running behind and we skip this part, we seem to experience more strife, fussing and in general we just have very long school days.

We also may read a short selection on the saint of the day if I receive an email in time as well as a meditation on the mass readings. Finally, on Friday’s, I try to make a point of visiting “Open Wednesday” to preview the readings for the upcoming Sunday mass.

My next goal is to find a family catechism / religious education program that I can add right after the daily Bible readings, but I’m still searching for one that works.

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