Sound Beginnings Review

I have to confess, I’ve used Mother of Divine Grace since my oldest was in 3rd grade (he graduated last year). But, I never used Sound Beginnings or Writing Road to Reading. I’ve taken several training classes on WRTR, but it never clicked. And, I’ve bought Sound Beginnings four times; I’ve sold it 3 times.

I’m not sure what prompted me this time to actually read Sound Beginnings… But, thanks be to God I did. I didn’t need another book to help me understand it; I didn’t need to read 1/3 of the book to use the program; I didn’t need to take a class.

The book begins with a four page introduction followed by by a five page Questions and Answer section In reality, I didn’t even read the first nine pages. What needs to be read are the three pages, “How to Use This Program”. Now if you did read the first four pages, you’d come to understand that the author took extensive training in how to use Writing Road to Writing. She said  she based Sound Beginnings on WRTR; distilling it into a program that could be used with a minimal amount of preparation.

The program consists of five sections:

  • the Instruction Schedule that contains 118 lesson (not necessarily daily!)
  • 25 lessons that introduce the formation of letters and numbers (handwriting and phonics – two for one!)
  • 15 sets of Phonogram Dictation exercises (review of the 45 basic speech sounds)
  • 20 exercises in Spelling Dictation exercises
  • 18 Sentence Dictation exercises  (again handwriting, phonics and grammar!) has the exact instructions for you to read over. Seriously, it’s only two pages of instruction.

The next section is the actual Instruction Schedule. It contains 4 columns per instruction:

  • Lesson number
  • lesson instructions: lesson 33: Phongram Diction 6A p. 116, Spelling Dictation 4 p 116, Worksheet p. 11&12
  • Preparation: Read Spelling Dictation 5 p. 117. Practice dictating the works listed and making the spelling markings.
  • Observation: Note difficulties / strengths.

That’s it! Once you finish those 118 lessons, then you move on to the Spelling List. Detailed information on how to use this section are provided. The spelling list will take a child through high school level spelling.

Now, in all honesty, I have no plans for moving to Writing Road to Read. What we are doing is 100% more than we’ve done before.

Now, MODG does use Teach Your Child to Read in One Hundred Easy Lessons to teach the initial process of reading and to introduce the alphabet. I do use a beginning reading program for teaching the reading.

You can buy the complete program at : Our Father’s House.

*****Note, I was not asked to write a review, nor did I receive any products for writing this review.




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