Shakespeare – Ideas for Homeschoolers


I do not believe I am in some kind of tiny minority. I went to public school and we read and suffered through Romeo and Juliet and Julius Caesar. I was somewhat traumatized by the effort and did my best to avoid all things Shakespeare.

Fast forward some number of years with children in middle school, and I am confronted again with Shakespeare … and the dilemma … how do I introduce them to Shakespeare … and not further perpetuate the trauma?

Margot Davidson, from materetmagistra magazine offers a solution-in fact many solutions. The Spring 2009 edition is filled to the brim with all things Shakespeare. From a meaty, yet accessible article about Shakespeare, to resources, to a cornucopia of ideas, to a pull out section and book list review, you cannot fail to find something that will fit your family, from the youngest members to the oldest… And, it is not too late! I am inspired; included in the issue is a detailed description of “How to Host a Shakespeare Read-Aloud”.

I am not sure when Margot will make the issue available for individual purchase, but you can contact her through the website.

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