Schola Rosa – Another Catholic Curriculum / Co-op Option

I love! when I am able to promote another resource for Catholic homeschoolers that is truly Catholic. So, I invite you to check out The Rolling Acres School and Schola Rosa. This is a serious contender for a few popular protestant co-op programs that cost significantly more.

3 options are offered:

  • Online School – Live,¬†Independent Study and Independent Study PLUS options – fully enrolled or a la carte.
  • At home program for k-8.
  • Co-op option for K-8.

Online courses are on par cost-wise to other providers. Costs for Independent Study and Independent Study PLUS appear to be quite reasonable.

Cost for the at home, Schola Rosa program is $250 per year per level. That is nearly all the materials needed including Classically Catholic Memory!

The start up cost for a co-op is very reasonable. The per family cost is $200 a year for each level that you need (Elementary Bundle and Intermediate Bundle). Most of the material is available via download – they use resources like McGuffey’s Readers (PDF) and Ray’s Arithmetic.

I do not know any more details except that they have some excellent reviews. The instructors have fantastic reviews too.



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