Review: Twenty-Six Letters to Heaven

Twenty-Six Letters to Heaven: A Catholic Preschool Curriculum by Sarah V. Park published by Hillside Education.

I received this book for doing work on; what a great treasure I received. Throughout the 13 years I’ve been homeschooling, I’ve used various Catholic preschool resources. They have all been wonderful, but this one especially clicks with my needs.

The book is arranged by letter; there are 27 lessons (the extra unit is on Unity). Included in each lesson are:

  1. Saint of the week
  2. Virtue and Scripture verse
  3. Crafts and Activities
  4. Collage
  5. Book lists
  6. Recipes

All of these elements are focused on the Letter of the week.

Each lesson has a list of Saints to focus on for the week.

Several Bible verses are included that feature a virtue that starts with the letter of that lesson. For example, K features the virtue of Kindness:

“He who withholds kindness from a friend forsakes the fear of the Almight.” (Job 6:4)

A cute little poem is included like:

I is an icicle on an igloo
Itching to be a plaything for you.
Dripping swiftly in the sun
Inch by inch, there goes the fun!

 Next is the Crafts and Activities section. Each helping to lesson includes a craft focused on Faith like making a Monstrance or visiting a Tabernacle .

Next is the Literary Skills including various ideas to make the letter with toothpicks for the letter T, or noodles for the letter N.

Several ideas are included to work on math skills.

Various science activities are included like talking about bird Nests, going on a hunt for items that bird might use to make a Nest.

Some sections also include Geography ideas like looking at a globe and finding 4 Oceans and then discussing the differences between oceans, lakes, and rivers.

An Art project is also included for some letters like tracing Hearts of different sizes on construction paper and then creating Heart people.

Next, suggestions are given for finding images to make a collage for the letter.

A list of Picture Books featuring the letter are listed as well as a list of books featuring saints of that letter like Good King Wenceslas by John M. Neale.

Finally several recipes are include like No Bake Peanut Butter Buckeye Cookies and Pear Crisps.

Don’t forget to look at the back of the book; a coloring page for a saint is included for each letter.

The book is spiral bound and lays flat. It makes it easy to copy the coloring pages. My little ones look forward to me bringing out this resource. You can use the book to suit you – daily, several times a week, or once a week. You are free to pick and choose what you want to do.



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