Review of Little Angels Reading Program

I imagine many of you are familiar with the lovely set of readers from Stone Tablet Press

Reader A
Reader BReader CReader D







I bought the set of readers at a local Catholic homeschooling conference several years ago. But, it wasn’t until Mrs.¬†Linda Bromeier presented a webinar on teaching phonics for Homeschool Connections this past March, that I realized there was so much more available to go with the readers. (you can listen to the webinar here¬†and scroll down to Teaching Reading with Phonics)

In fact, this is a full phonics program with a teacher’s manual and workbooks for each reader. The teacher’s manual fully explains how to use the program. Each lesson is designed to be completed over the course of a week or so. There are word lists for each lesson – each day the student reads the words listed to develop fluency (it’s built in!) and then the workbooks reinforce what the readers introduce.

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