Making Music Praying Twice

I am not ready to write a complete review of the program – but I was so excited to see the materials that I had to briefly mention it. As you plan out your next school year, I wanted you to know about this program. We have never been able to do a Kindermusic program for the little ones. The older children are involved in a wonderful orchestra program and play the strings – 2 on violin, 1 on viola and 1 on cello (yes, I have a string quartet!). But, my little ones have always been left out of the music plans.

Now, Making Music Praying Twice has a solution. The program consists of 5 seasonal CD’s, 5 coordinating songbooks, and a Teacher’s Manual. I believe this could be a well spent $96 – it is not consumable and can be used from year to year. I am quite sure Kindermusic program are much more pricey – so this is a one time purchase that can be used by all your children – so do not immediately be turned off by the price.

The developer of the program gives you the option of daily lesson plans (about 15-20 minutes each day), or a 45 minute once a week lesson plan. Songs include a lovely assortment from religious – Magnificat, Holy God We Praise Your Name, Dona Nobis Pacem, classic children’s songs – Kookaburra, Old King Cole, My Bonnie to traditional songs like Battle Hymn of the Republic, classical music like Ode to Joy and many ethnic songs from various parts of the world.

Each song is discussed in the Teacher’s Manual – how to use the song formally including using various instruments, movements to go with the music, streamers. There are also suggestions for using the songs informally (changing the words, singing with babies). This is followed by a section on Milestones to Observe and then Cross References.

I plan on implementing this is the fall on a daily basis to have an activity that is geared to all my little ones since they often get left out of the school activities. Many songs take no prep time at all, others have suggestions for instruments to use like drums, others teach some finger play motions, another song incorporates sign language, others use props like streamers.

I love the Catholic content that is scattered throughout the program.

Please look for more updates as I delve more into the program. One suggestion for Dona Nobis Pacem is to incorporate it into your morning prayers – what a lovely way for all of us – youngest to oldest – to start the day.


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