Lent? What resources / practices do you use in your family?

2/9/08 – Not too late to do this lovely Lenten Calendar – thanks Nissa – be sure to check out all the posts on the blog!

One more idea -thanks to Michelle H – she does not take credit for it, but did allow me to pass it on:

Stations of the Cross Box to help keep toddlers and small children’s interest while praying the Stations. This is a simple shoe box with small objects that symbolize each station in the box. The children pull out the appropriate object to hold during that station.

Station 1 Jesus is Condemned to Death — a string to represent the rope used to tie Jesus’ hands

Station 2 Jesus Carries His Cross — a small cross

Station 3 Jesus Falls the First Time — a band-aid

Station 4 Jesus Meets His Mother Mary — a plastic rosary

Station 5 Simon Helps Jesus — small plastic figure

Station 6 Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus — small piece of white
fabric with the face of Jesus sketched on it

Station 7 Jesus Falls the Second Time — a band-aid

Station 8 Jesus Comforts the Women of Jerusalem — a tissue

Station 9 Jesus Falls the Third Time — a band-aid

Station 10 Jesus is Stripped of His Garments — a small square of purple felt

Station 11 Jesus is Nailed to the Cross — a large nail

Station 12 Jesus Dies on the Cross — a crucifix

Station 13 Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross — a laminated holy card depicting Michelangelo’s Pieta

Station 14 Jesus is Buried — a stone
02/02/08 –

  • Another lovely Lenten activity – a Lenten Cross – with lots of great pictures.
  • I have been looking for the link to this calendar!
  • Create a Jesus Tree modeled after the Jesse Tree – you can order a kit here.
  • Activities that can be order from the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis including a Lent Calendar with windows to open for each day of Lent

Thanks to the posters on all the wonderful yahoo email lists I belong to – I would not have been able to find all these resources.
01/29/2008 – Catholic Culture sent a wonderful set of links including one to their site. Please check out the Lenten Activities they list.
Let’s build a nice list of Lenten Resources. Leave your suggestions in the comment section. Thanks!

I am beginning the list right now:

  • I am getting ready to order this poster right now to assemble in my hall way for the weeks when we are unable to attend our church’s Stations of the Cross
  • http://www.love2learn.net/calendar/lent.htm – a small but I am sure growing lists of books and resources with direct links to buy
  • Lenten Calendar – fantastic printable online calendar beginning with the first Sunday of Lent and finishing with Holy Saturday with a suggestion for each day of Lent including things to give up, acts of Mercy and spiritual reading.
  • Ash Wednesday from CatholicCulture.org – explanation, devotions
  • Lenten Activities from CatholicCulture.org – another small list of activities
  • Lenten Activities from Domestic-Church.org – activities are organized by family and age of children, so you are sure to find something appropriate
  • Stations of the Cross Kit from IlluminatedInk – I know it is expensive, but the review I read about it stated that it was a beautiful project. The only thing to note is that you probably will not be able to complete all the stations in one sitting
  • Site Reviews offered by “Resources for Catholic Educators” – many of the links at the top of the page are dated, but scroll to the bottom to find coloring sheets with related Lenten themes
  • Stations of the Cross Reflections from Mother Angelica and EWTN – the pictures are beautiful and the reflections are worth the trip to the site
  • Create a Paschal Candle – directions from CatholicCulture.org
  • Stations of the Cross Coloring Book (pdf) from CatholicMom.com – a lovely printable coloring book so each of your children can have their own Stations of the Cross book to bring to church or to use at home
  • Online Stations of the Cross (English and Spanish text) – the pictures were drawn by the students of St. Patrick’s Catholic School in WI.
  • A Christian Seder Meal for Holy Thursday
  • One More Seder Meal plan from Domestic-Church.com
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