Latin Resources

Well, I didn’t stay on top of the Cambridge 1 (units 13-18) and New Steps in Latin 1 verb conjugations. Wow, it gets complicated when it’s all put together.

Here are some resources that helped me to make sense of them:

  • All Verbs – it conjugates most Latin verbs in all tense, active, passive, indicative, etc.
  • Verbix – another Latin verb conjugation program
  • Verb Conjugation – 2 pages. The first conjugates many third conjugation Latin verbs to easily view the stem changes for many of them. The second page has 2 columns for Conjugations 1-4 to easily compare what changes between each conjugation. I created this document for my students (and me the teacher!) to have a cheat sheet.
  • Third Conjugation Verbs Explained – offers some insight as to the patterns in 3rd conjugation Latin verbs.
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