Kolbe is adding new online courses

I can’t wait to hear some reviews of the courses. The course costs are $550 for unenrolled and $495 for enrolled. This is the latest lineup:


  • Intro to Sacred Scripture
  • Mass & the Sacraments/Ch Hist I
  • Apologetics/Ch Hist II
  • Morality/Ch Hist III


  • Greek Literature (2 sections)
  • Roman Literature
  • Literature of Christendom
  • Modern Literature


  • Ancient Greek History
  • Ancient Roman History
  • Era of Christendom
  • Modern & US History


  • Geometry
  • Honors Geometry
  • Algebra 2
  • Honors Alg 2/Trig


  • Intro to Physics and Chem (2 sections)
  • Biology w/ Lab
  • Honors Biology w/ Lab
  • Chemistry w/ Lab
  • Honors Chemistry w/ Lab
  • Physics w/ Lab
  • Honors Physics w/ Lab

Foreign Language

  • Latin I
  • Latin II

For course times, instructor bios, and how it works, go to

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