Getting Started

So you are considering homeschooling and wonder – what do I do next?

  • Pray – ask God to help you discern if He is calling to homeschooling. Consider praying a novena for discernment.
  • Find a local Catholic Support Group – If you have a group in your area please contact them. It’s the easiest way to get to see what kind of materials families use. Generally groups have activities that you can attend to meet other mothers and kids.
  • Find Out Your State’s LawsHome School Legal Defense Association has information on all states laws regarding homeschooling. Your local group should be able to help too.
  • Order Catalogs – Go through the Curriculum Providers and Homeschool Supply Providers and ask for catalogs. This gives you an idea of materials available.
  • Attend a Homeschool Conference – If there is a conference within an hour or two, try and attend. This gives you a chance to actually see materials, attend workshops, and meet others who are homeschooling in your area. Conferences are generally in the spring and I list as many as I can find (the page usually goes up in the winter).
  • Read about Curriculum Approaches – I’ve provided links for many approaches; begin to look at what bests fits you and your family.
  • Join an Email List – if you can’t find a local group or you need to ask more questions than your group is able to answer, considering joining an email list. They can be an excellent source of support.
  • Just Do It – if you are being called to homeschool, don’t be tempted to put off the decision because you are trying to pull everything together. Sometimes, families just need to do it and work on the details as they go along. Consider field trips, reading literature and nature study as a way to get started.

Here is a link to my online bookstore that features the items we use in our homeschool program. I hope you find some ideas. And, your book purchases through this site help to support keeping the site online.


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