Fisher More Academy – formerly known as Regina Coeli Academy

I was very excited to read the news today:

“I don’t know if you’ve heard of Fisher More Academy (formerly Regina Coeli Academy) – we are an online academy that provides curricula faithful to the intellectual, moral and spiritual traditions of the Roman Catholic Church. We recently became part of Fisher More College, hence the name change. You can learn more about the Academy at and the College at

We would love to share our information with the families in your group if there is a place on the resources section of your site. Thank you for your help!”

 and another message:

“Fisher More Academy has developed its own curriculum. It uses the classical, great books approach with the socratic method; however, the teacher sums up those socratic discussions so that the student is not left with just his opinions and the opinions of others, but he understands the truths of magisterial teaching of the Catholic church as they relate to the subject matter studied. Also, science is taught in conjunction with theology and philosophy enabling students to look at the heresies of culture with an understanding, again, of how the magisterial teaching of the Catholic church guides our understanding of science in light of philosophy and theology. We prepare our students with scientific knowledge and philosophical understanding, so they can properly defend the Catholic faith against such things as abortion, euthanasia, and other heresies of our culture. Finally, our curriculum is interdisciplinary – meaning what students study in history, what they read in literature and what they write about in essays are all studied from the same time period.”

This is an exciting option for Catholic homeschoolers from elementary to high school. The classes are live; the technology is state-of-the-art conference software. Discounts are offered for the second and on children.

Textbooks for high school are varied. Some are the same as for Mother of Divine Grace and Seton for history but others are different. High school science courses are paired with philosophy and use Apologia for some classes and other books for other classes. Saxon math is not used for junior high and high school. Lingua Latina is used for high school Latin. For more details about texts used: – gives a breakdown of tuition and the discounts for enrolling more children (the 4th child and after get a 90% discount).

In regards to accreditation, the website provides the following information:

FMA high school courses are  preapproved with Customized Education Design and regionally accredited through the Northwest Accreditation Commission. All students obtaining a high school diploma from FMA are qualified to receive an accredited transcript and diploma at no charge.

I am extremely pleased with this revamped curriculum and state-of-the-art technology. It is pricey, but when parents need assistance in the teaching and grading of work, it is quite a value for all the services you receive.

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