Classes from LPH are announced

LPH offers online courses primarily designed for Catholic homeschoolers 4th – 8th grade although they have a number of high school students attend. The cost of each 10 week course is $38 and includes your entire family (I’m envisioning how it could be a great unit study type course). contains the list of classes.

From the website:

Each week (beginning on Monday morning) the URL you receive at the beginning of the year will bring up a new lesson. That lesson will come up for the rest of the week; it can be done at any time during the week.

Each lesson starts with a web page containing the lesson.

For most of the courses, this is followed by a series of “Discussion Topics“.
These are questions usually with no specific answer, which are intended to help facilitate discussions within the family on the material which has just been learned in the lesson.

Then there is a link to a quiz, which is a web form.

A grade point average for the quizzes will be available in September for whoever would like one.

At the end of the year, a Certificate of Completion will be available (in pdf – Adobe Acrobat – format) for students who complete at least 75% of the quizzes with an average of at least 70 on the quizzes for the year (for the Creative Writing class, no more than one lesson can be missed for a certificate).

Of note, the quizzes are optional – they are used to generate a certificate of attendance. I personally have not taken a class to know how the content is presented, but they’ve been around for a long time. If the topics line up with your plan of study, it might be worth checking them out!

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