Clare’s Costly Cookie



I was delighted to receive a copy of “Clare’s Costly Cookie: A Young Heart Discovers the Way of Love” by Julie Kelly to review. From the site:

In Clare’s Costly Cookie, nine-year-old Clare, a thunderbolt in pigtails, joyfully invites children to experience her transformation from a strong-willed, self-absorbed child to a faithful follower of Jesus. With grace and courage she offers to Him the most meaningful gift she possibly can: her self-will.

Clare, in her inimitable way, models for children that following Jesus Christ and striving for true holiness are worth any cost. With spirit and spunk she demonstrates for young readers that living the holy Catholic faith is not only exciting, but better than gooey, warm chocolate chip cookies!

The books is written in an unique format. A little girl name Clare has a series of conversations with God regarding the the issues she has with her short-comings (sins) like selfishness, disobedience, anger, and impatience. She reflects in conversation with God her interactions with her family, asking for God’s help in overcoming her sin. The conversations are spontaneous and child-like, encouraging children (and adults) to have a close, personal relationship with God.

The beauty of this book is that it models those conversations we are encouraged to have with God. Not only she she share her difficulties, but she models how to listen to God whether it is through insight or a Bible chapter or a reflection on a saint.

This would be a unique gift for a First Communicant, or as a family read-aloud – it lends itself to a chapter a day, leaving plenty of time to discuss.

It is always a treat for me to find new Catholic resources to share with the Catholic homeschooling community. I want to support their endeavors and encourage you to patronize their efforts.

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