Christmas Wish List

12/13/13 – just updated with some additional items. I am a playologist with Simply Fun. I have found lots of great games to play with my kids that are fun and educational too. Shop through this link: Simply Fun so that I receive a credit for your orders. Otherwise, navigate to the site directly.
Favorites for our family include: Bringing Down the House, Duo Dash, Zooki, Tibars Everyday Big Board, Let’s Drive, Take Your Pick, and Trifusion.

I have some suggestions for great Christmas gifts to either purchase for your little ones, or ask for from relatives. These are the items that I’ve collected over the years. I keep them in a cabinet to be used only during school time. I would deem them mostly educational.

Each week, I set up 5 boxes (they are larger than shoe boxes) with 4 items or so in them (I have 3 little ones that will play with them). These are my busy box items. I have enough now, that they are fresh and fun each week. In addition to items listed here, I also include puzzles, paints, playdough, and crafts that I’ve picked up from local craft shops. This idea has helped me keep my little ones happy. I feel like their needs have been better attended to, so they do not get into other things, and they feel like they have received attention too. It is a win for all of us.

If you purchase via the links, I do receive a small commission from Amazon – you can bypass that by searching on them directly from Amazon.



Take Your Pick – (family appropriate get to know you game)

Zooki – (plays like Uno)

Tibbars Everyday Big Board
(awesome calendar board – uses pegs to mark, so you won’t lose magnetic pieces)

(great US geography game>

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