Catholic Musician – W. Keith Moore

I had an opportunity to listen to a CD, “Soul” by W. Keith Moore after receiving a message from him:

Hey folks, my name is Keith Moore. I am a convert/musician who has been in the music business for years and I have a new album about my journey Home. I am looking for a way to reach and encourage young Catholics in their journey.

Whenever I find another Catholic artist to add to my playlist, I am thrilled. I would not classify the music as distinctly “Catholic” in that there are no mentions of Saints or the Eucharist, but faith abounds in the lyrics of his songs.

The style has a country, rock, blues feel. The lyrics are easy to understand and sing along with (my kids tell me to be quiet all the time) and I enjoyed listening to the album. I would love to hear his conversion story! On the album, he gives credit to two priests, Jeff Cavin (for pointing him home – love the phrase!), St. Augustine, his patron saint, St. John of the Cross and St. Francis and St. Terese. What a great lineup to give honor to.

Myspace for Keith Moore

(parents – read the lyrics before passing on – particularly, “Unto Me” – I liked the song – just a warning so I do not get blasted:

I saw Christ last evening, a needle in His hand
His eyes withdrawn and empty, a thin and withered man
I saw Christ last evening, She was picking up some guy
Now She’s trembling in the darkness with a far away look in Her eyes

There is another song called “Grace and Mercy” – just read the lyrics so you know what it’s about.

And, to make the post a bit more of general use, did you know there were some sites dedicated to Catholic music -  you can listen to songs online and search for artists to add to your playlist:

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