Burnout!! Post your suggestions

It’s that time of year – post-Christmas – pre-Lent – burnout. What do you do to deal with it? Leave your suggestions in the comment section.

I did a quick “google” search for Catholic homeschool blogs that had articles on burnout and am compiling a list of suggestions. I hope that you might find some inspiration and hope for dealing with this season.

Articles about Burnout

Suggestions for Dealing with Burnout

  • Make plans to attend a Catholic Homeschool Conference – be surrounded by like-minded families, receive encouragement and see all the wonderful resources available (even just planning to attend can give you a shot in the arm).
  • Add a new resource to your homeschool program – you can plan to do a lapbook, or add a Trip around the World geography unit study
  • Plan a fieldtrip with your family or with a few other homeschoolers
  • Go to adoration and bring it to the Lord
  • Remind yourself that this is just a “feeling” – it may be a strong “feeling” but we don’t have to act on everything we feel.
  •  and the corollary – “this too shall pass” – feelings are generally transient and as the weather improves and we near the goal of the end of our school years or as we approach a nice break, many times our attitudes will improve as will our children’s attitudes
  • Plan a Mother’s Night Out with some like-minded moms
  • Take up a new hobby – learn a new skill like pottery or beading or knitting
  • Sew baby clothes for a local NICU
  • Read an inspiring book either about homeschooling like: to see how other families approach homeschooling.
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