Recording Keeping / Lesson Plans / Assignment Sheets

I first must confess that I am a techno-geek. I love all things technology related. In my purse, is a Motorola Q that works as a phone and PDA (personal digital assistant) and I read books, keep my phone / contact list, to do lists and more in one place. … Continue reading

I keep forgetting why I need to read “In Conversation with God”

One point – please do not confuse this series that is very orthodox faithful to the teaching of the Catholic Church, with another book, “Conversations with God”. Definitely one will bring us closer to Jesus, the other not. “In Conversation with God” is such treasure for me. I am always … Continue reading

Standardized Testing – What is required and how do we do it?

Testing requirements vary from state to state. Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) allows you to select your state and read a general statement of what is required to homeschool including the testing requirements. I would also suggest you read your own state’s laws for yourself to ensure that you have … Continue reading

Finding time to grow spiritually – letting technology assist

I must first preface this entry with a bit of self disclosure. I am not an “audio” type person. When material is presented to me in an audio format, I do not attend well to the details. Generally, I find that I need to read information in order to process … Continue reading

Writing – the dreaded subject

I have to say as a computer science major in college, that writing was never my favorite subject. Fortunately or perhaps that should read, unfortunately, most of my college level writing was technically oriented. User manual, installation directions, FAQ – yes, I feel comfortable with those styles. When I began … Continue reading