Advent – a bit early to start planning


But, I wanted to pass along some great ideas for Advent – I’m going to make this a sticky post and add to it. Please use the Comments to add other great resources. First, you can read a bit about the history of Advent.

Next, please visit Mary Ellen Barrett’s site, She has through a community of writers, compiled crafts and recipes and such lovely ideas for celebrating the Saint’s feast days that will take you through the season – all in preparation for Christmas.

I nearly forgot, but what a loss it would be if I failed pass along this fabulous unit study for Advent and Christmas based on Tomi de Paola. You can find it at the blog of Elizabeth Foss. She has given a timeline for using the books of Tomi de Paola throughout the season along with suggestions on creating an Advent to Ascension lapbook, narration, reading practice, crafts, picture studies and more. Many homeschoolers, especially those with just younger children will take off from their syllabi and plans, and use this for school during Advent.

Our local Catholic homeschool group is organizing a Jesse Tree ornament swap. Each family has picked one day (we have 28 days worth of ornaments to make), and makes 28 ornaments, one for each family that is participating. We will then meet to swap ornaments. Faith and Family Magazine wrote an article in 2007, “A Jesse Tree for the Rest of Us” with more details or you can read the pdf describing how to operate a group craft swap from National Catholic Register.

And, do not pass up this wonderful book, Christmas Mosaic. Written by Cay Gibson (author of the wonderful, Catholic Mosaic) and published by Hillside Education, you will find in the book a list of over 200 picture books related to Christmas and complete books studies for 30 of those to take you through the Advent Season. Also included are essays and recipes contributed by some of our favorite Catholic homeschool authors. Children of all ages will enjoy these books.

Just announced is the availability of the Advent Lapbook brought to by Lapbooks for Catholics. This could be an awesome addition to your Advent plans.

Finally, Catholic Culture does such a wonderful job of compiling information. Their Advent page is just brimming and I hope you visit, and if you are able, contribute to their website. They have a top notch site in place, easy to navigate and filled with faithful information.

Wait, I nearly forgot another online treasure – the Saint Nicholas Center: Discovering the Truth about Santa Claus. This site is filled with crafts, traditions from around the world, games, recipes and stories.

Articles, craft ideas, devotions and more related to Advent:

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And as I promised, I am adding to the post. I had forgotten some classics for Advent – these are not Catholic books, but are such a treasure for Advent. The three books are stand alone and can be read in any order, but only the first published, “Jotham’s Journey” is in print again. The other two books of the series are still out of print, thus explaining the high price tag. I don’t want to give away the secret of the books – but – trust me, just pick up “Jotham’s Journey” and add it to your Advent customs. Then next year, God willing, the other books will be back in print and you can choose one of them. So for the next three years, you will have an awesome Advent custom.

Now for those of you who have read the three books listed above – try this one, written by a Catholic mom and daughter – my hope is that it’s good!

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