I am a “revert” to the Catholic faith. I was catechized in the period just after Vatican II and my religious formation can be summed up in three words, “God is Love”. In college, I lost my faith, even lost my belief in a god. Thankfully, I came upon the writings of C.S. Lewis, specifically, “Mere Christianity” and slowly began to find my way back Home.

I was pregnant with my third child, contemplating my birth control choices, when I experience a spiritual awakening in regards to my Catholic faith. I began to read apologetics like Karl Keating’s book, “Catholicism and Fundamentalism” (I live in the deep south and encountered these arguments on a weekly basis). Finally, I read a book, “The Gift of the Church” that brought me to a true, deep acceptance of the magesterium. I was led to stop contracepting even though I didn’t fully understand why (hey, the Church said so!). God then blessed me again by permitting me to encounter the tape, “Contraception, Why Not (text of speech) (order free cd)?” by Janet Smith for the understanding of why the Church teaches what She does on contraception.

In the meantime, I met a lovely Catholic homeschooling mother who had three children. The children were so delightful and unlike other older public school children I had met, that I was intrigued by the whole notion of homeschooling.

I went to my first Catholic homeschooling meeting and was literally swept away by the beautiful, faithful women and an incredible priest who was pro-homeschooling, pro-motherhood, pro-large family.

So here I am fourteen years later, having eleven years of homeschooling under my belt. My family has grown to include nine children on earth and six more with God. We primarily use Mother of Divine Grace with some customization. I have some children who are naturally gifted in regards to intellect and others who struggle with some form of learning issues. My days aren’t all rosey; my children aren’t always perfect. But, I experience a deep sense of contentment with my life even in the midst of going through periods of “burnout”.

Being sustained by grace, I persevere on knowing that there will be tough days and there will be days filled with joy. I may be responsible for my children’s faith formation, but they are my means of salvation. Through my service to them, I daily learn to die to self and I am grateful for that.


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