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Classes from LPH are announced

LPH offers online courses primarily designed for Catholic homeschoolers 4th – 8th grade although they have a number of high school students attend. The cost of each 10 week course is $38 and includes your entire family (I’m envisioning how it could be a great unit study type course). … Continue reading

New Titles from Hillside Education

New Titles!!  

Review of Little Angels Reading Program

I imagine many of you are familiar with the lovely set of readers from Stone Tablet Press             I bought the set of readers at a local Catholic homeschooling conference several years ago. But, it wasn’t until Mrs. Linda Bromeier presented a webinar on teaching phonics … Continue reading

New Catholic History Series published by Tan

I am so excited to share this information with you. I have not had a chance to review the information, but there is so much material available for purchase – not just textbooks and workbooks, but audio and DVD. I’ve listened to the dramatized audio samples on the website. They … Continue reading

Mother’s Day Gift

This is what my son gave me for Mother’s Day – he recorded both tracks, cello (his primary instrument) and violin. Then he used audacity to put them together.

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